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ISO14001 certified circumstance

As declared in the "Environmental Policy", TAMAPACK CO., LTD. is promoting environment management activities, fully aware that the preservation of the global environment is one of its most important business challenges.
We are promoting all sorts of environmental load reduction activities through our business activities, and by implementing ISO14001 (environmental management system).

Scope of Registration

TAMAPACK CO., LTD. Headquarters / Akishima Operating Division 2005 ISO14001 certification
TAMAPACK CO., LTD. Yamagata Plant 2007 ISO14001 certification
TAMAPACK CO., LTD. Kofu Plant 2008 ISO14001 certification

Environment Policy

Environment Policy
Management Principle

TAMAPACK CO., LTD., while continuing to pursue and create even better packing, will contribute to the development of society through packings.
We are aware of the importance of protecting the global environment and consider this one of our most important business challenges. As such, we are conducting environmental activities as well as promoting, within the business activities conducted by each and every employee--from the manufacturing of cardboard boxes, to the development and designing of packaging materials such as printed paper containers, cushioning materials, and more, as well as in assembling, processing, purchasing and sales--social responsibility, improvements in benefits and improvement in employee welfare.

Basic Policy
  1. TAMAPACK CO., LTD. will appropriately conduct environmental preservation activities by accurately identifying the effects that all its activities have on the environment and will strive to prevent pollution and preserve the environment as technically and economically feasible through the continual improvement of the environmental management system.
  2. We will endeavor to coexist with the local community by abiding with the laws and regulations concerning the environment as well as with other requirements that we assent to.
  3. In order to pursue this policy, we have established environment goals and objectives. And, along with seeking to achieve these, we will conduct reviews periodically and when necessary.
  4. In order to strive for an increased awareness of environmental preservation and an improvement in activities, we will promote environmental education for every employee.
  5. We will take up the following as key items and endeavor to improve them by creating an achievement plan.
    * Energy saving / Resource saving
    * Reduction in waste discharge (promoting recycling)
    * Promotion of environmentally friendly product designing
    * Adequate operation and maintenance of environmental load substances
    * Environment Beautification
  6. This Environment Policy will be disclosed upon request from both inside and outside the company.
May 26, 2017
Jun Masuda Representative Director, President
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Registration certificate
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