Meiwapax Group Environment FSC

Production flow of packaging material / packages

Introducing our production flow of packaging material / packages from "customer request / discussion" to "delivery".

    Customer request / discussion
  • We will consider specifications upon discussing the characteristics, strength, and the distribution route of the items in question, as well as the customer's budget.
    Design / Plan / Diagram / Prototype (CAD / CAM)  to  preliminary estimate
  • We will make a prototype after considering the material, structure, and shape that will satisfy the functions of the specifications.
    We will conduct an in-house drop evaluation depending on the specifications.
    Submitting Samples / Drawings / Proposals / Evaluation reports, etc.
  • We will submit a structure sample, component drawing, a proposal, and evaluation report.
    Packaged freight test
  • We will conduct various tests as necessary.
    Vibration test / Drop test / Transportation test / Physical Property Test , etc.
    Details finalized
  • Submitting official drawings (submitting the specifications)
    * We will also create ASSY diagrams and assembly sequence diagrams for the packing upon request. (Separate estimate)
  • Starting the creation of block-copy data and molds
    Quantity production
  • Manufacturing plants will be determined in accordance with customer delivery location and delivery time.
  • Delivery will be conducted from each relevant plant.
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