Operating Sites
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Operating Sites


Akishima Operating Division (Operational Headquarters)

Headquarters / Akishima Operating DivisionWe sell packaging material which are centered on proposal sales. We can also handle planning, designing, and quantity production in accordance with your needs. In the design department, we are promoting environment-friendliness, VA proposals, and new packing plans. As such, we are putting efforts into designing with attention on reducing distribution costs and environmental load.
1-12-14, Nakagami-cho, Akishima-shi,
Tokyo 196-0022
TEL: +81-42-541-5122 (switchboard)
FAX: +81-42-541-0564

Kofu Operating Division

Kofu Operating DivisionAt the Kofu Operating Division, we have the Kofu Plant that manufactures boxes, and the Promotional Material Distribution Center. At the Kofu Plant, we create cardboard boxes that meet your requirements. We strive to propose desired cardboard box shapes and material: from shapes that can accommodate particularly complex product forms to material that match their uses. We also handle small lots and E-flute printing / processing. At the Promotional Material Distribution Center, we handle everything from the picking of a wide variety of products to packing, as well as domestic distribution.
550 Shimosanjo, Chuo-shi, Yamanashi-ken 409-3822
TEL: +81-55-273-4151 (switchboard)
FAX: +81-55-273-0484

Yamagata Operating Division

Yamagata Operating DivisionAt the Yamagata Operating Division, we manufacture all the packaging material and also sell related distribution material and equipment. We also provide temporary staffing business as part of our aim in providing customer-based proposal sales, and we are highly regarded for our packing design proposals, which we have gained through our onsite packing operations. Taking advantage of our long term experience in "package supply contract packing", we are very confident in our implementation-efficient designing that we are able to offer from a customer prospective and the wide and diversified shapes and sizes of our cut-outs and fixed partitions. More so, we take pride in our system that assures customers with sales drivers, who conduct both sales and deliveries, and who are good at handling and adapting to changes.
251 Sengoku-Annyoji, Kamiyama-shi,
Yamagata-ken 999-3122
TEL: +81-23-673-3081 (switchboard)
FAX: +81-23-673-3084
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